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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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area, rather than one area over the same area for the same period of time. let's zoom into where we are seeing possible hail, eau gallie boulevard at i-95 f, lake washington road, aurora, it pulses, indicating heavy rain. if you have somewhere to go, i would hold off at least 10 minutes or so. a lot of this will have moved off. a lot of this on top of i-95 for vieira, down south of vieira, along i-95. some of the most intense weather. so let's pinpoint some of the communities that will be impacted next with that severe thunderstorm warning. the tornado warning set to expire. it is 5:00. we do think there is strong wind
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we may start our newscast here. let me go ahead and pinpoint where we are seeing the heaviest of the wind, still the severe thunderstorm warning and hail possible as this moves off at 20 miles an hour. palm bay within seven minutes. melbourne within 13 minutes. it is time to start the news so the morning news right here on news 6 starts right now. now. severe storms moving through our area. we have seen tornado warnings in the last 90 minutes. the threat for bad weather is not over yet. >> the storms have left their mark in the panhandle. what we have learned about a door to door search in one community after a tornado touched down. >> a mystery in an orange county neighborhood. we are live after mother and heritaged daughter are found dead inside their home. we start with that important weather alert for you. good morning, central florida. it is now 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall.
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the rain is coming down hard. going to make for a dangerous morning drive if you have to head out, even take some extra time if you can. we want to get to troy bridges and traffic anchor amy. >> we told you about it yesterday, there would be the chance for strong to severe storms. we hoped there wouldn't be rotating storms but we have doppler indicated storms. the tornado warning set to expire at 5:00 has officially expired. no more tornado warnings. i think a concern will be the roads -- >> if you can wait about 15 minutes to head out, that would be a good idea. keep that in mind f. there is any way to wait, that would be in your best interest. >> the real concern would be this liep of development right here in central and southern brevard county. this is where a lot of very heavy rain is coming down.
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talking about, wait 10, 15 minutes and this will move out. i think in the next 5 to 10 minutes. we are seeing hail moving through from melbourne to palm bay. i want these people to know in this region, this is a line of very strong wind. here's thunderstorms warnings in effect for this area. we are talking about melbourne, palm bay, all the way over to floridana beach, off to the east-northeast. melbourne, within one minute. melbourne beach, 14 minutes. floridana beach, 24 minutes, you'll see hail and damaging wind possible. we are talking about winds near 50 miles an hour at times. for now, we are seeing it weaken. we are seeing a lot of stuff push out and out to the east. what you can expect for the rest of today as we'll see a nice day
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i think we want to check now on the roads and head over to amy. again, amy, these roads are wet. people need to take slow. >> absolutely. at this point, we are not talking about delays, we are talking about just being safe. if you can allow a couple of extra minutes, just wait 5 to 15 minutes. i want to show you this live camera, this is in i-95 and cocoa. you can see the rain on the lens. there is nothing wrong with the camera. conditions are not great. again, if you can wait to travel, please do so. be prepared to take it very, very slow right now. now all this scheduled construction, it is not going on right now. we don't see any reported accidents for the time being. we'll keep a close eye on things this morning. that is your check on rafk for traffic for now.
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and osceola counties. >> we haven't heard reports of major damage but it has been a wild couple of hours. what did you see in on the drive from orlando? >> it was quite a hectic ride from cocoa. i could see the rain and the wind pick up. we got to the 520 area. the rain and the wind did slow down. it is not as powerful as when i got here. i want to show you what it looks like where i'm at. i'm on the 520 area. it is a little dark. you can't see much. you can see lightning still happening. the roads in this area are wet. people that are driving in this area they are kind of being cautious about their drive.
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cocoa, it was definitely a slower ride than usual. the speed limit is 60 to 70 miles an hour. i had to drive between 30 to 40 miles an hour because of how strong the rain was. of course, definitely take troy and amy's advice. heading out in any of our viewing areas. you may want to take into consideration leaving your house earlier than expected. we are here in cocoa right now. everything is calm. i hope the worst of the storm has passed where i'm at. lightning is still in this area. of course, if there are any new updates, i'll pass that information along to you guys. guys. >> johnny, thanks. also breaking overnight, a door to door search after the same weather system is blamed for a tornado touchdown in the panhandle. >> at this point we know dozens of homes have been damaged and thousands of people are in the dark as we speak. mark lehman has been following
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he joins us in the studio. mark? >> you can see the damage this storm left behind with trees toppled and an estimated 20,000 people without power. i want to show you where the worst of the damage is located. it is in the small town of century in escambia. a deputy dash camera caught the tornado as it was touching down yesterday afternoon. we don't know how strong it was but we know the damage it left behind. emergency workers say two homes were destroyed and up to 30 others were damaged. deputies and other workers spanned out, going door to door, checking to make sure everyone was ok. firefighters even marking homes with x's like we see after major hurricanes to let other rescue workers know the home has been checked. the people living through this saying it is nothing like anything they have ever
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>> i guess overall, you are ok. >> she is ok. she i at the house, it was shaking real bad. she was pretty scared. >> this morning, we know two people were taken to the hospital with tornado related injuried. parts of southern alabama were hit by the severe weather. teams with the national weather service are said to be out first thing this morning to continue to survey the damage. >> with an el nino year the risk for storms is higher. keep that in mind. however, you can check the radar and get alerts by downloading our weather app. it is free. troy will be back in a minute with another update on the storms. a mystery in an orange county neighborhood after a mother and teenaged daughter were found dead inside this home. investigators are now trying to figure out what happened to them. the disturbing discovery was
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santa barbara road north of colonial. kirsten is there live. orange county deputies are still out there. have they told us anymore about what happened? >> they really haven't. we have seen a couple of them out here. they were out here late last night. they are trying to figure out who killed a woman and her daughter inside this home behind us on santa barbara road. we did talk with neighbors in the area as the investigation went on. many of them tell us they are not taking any chances. >> keep an eye out, lock the doors more. >> neighbors on the pine hill street where a 36-year-old mother and her 16-year-old daughter were found dead are rethinking their safety. >> i was scared. i didn't know what was going on. when i came home, i seen all these cops. >> the mother and teen lived in the home with a man. they tell us he left early
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when he came back around 2:30, he walked in to find the mother and daughter dead and then called 911. the sheriffs is still looking for a suspect. detectives are asking neighbors to speak up. they were at home yesterday and felt anything was off. >> canvassing the neighborhood and looks for anyone who might have seen or heard something suspicious. the two victims died of trauma. >> at this point, detectives are not releasing the identities of the mother and her child until their families have been notified. detectives say the man who lived in this home and reported the deaths, he is the one who called 911, he is cooperating with the investigation. again, they are looking for anyone who may have any more information on what happened here yesterday. >> hopefully more information emerges. >> time to check in with troy bridges. you have been here since superearly trying to keep us safe. we are tracking a severe storm warning until 5:45. >> that's for brevard county,
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and points south of melbourne. were seeing a big line of strong winds moving in. here's the good news, a lot of central florida clearing out. the timing is good. it is time to go to work. many roads will be wet. we won't deal with as much strong winds or rotating storms. if you are just tuning in, we had a tornado warnings that expired at 5:00 this morning for areas near kennedy space center, it includes meritt island and port st. john's. that did expire. we are seeing weakening. a lot of this is moderate rain. you see how quickly it is moving to the east and the northeast. the cape canaveral beginning to see the heavy stuff push to sea. south of there is where we are concerned, we have south patrick air force base, melbourne, palm bay. a chance for hail. at least penny sized hail. let's pinpoint where it is heading next. melbourne beach within seven minutes. just some light to moderate rain
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we continue to see this push to the east. lockwood boulevard. more of that light rain to moderate rain push out. coming up, good news for the forecast. we'll take you hour by hour in a minute. let's check on the roads. many of them are wet from the overnight rain. amy, if people don't slow down we could have some issues. >> absolutely. you heard johnny fernandez just say it, he cut his travel time in half. he is doing half the speed limit. he felt that was touchy. here's the biggest issue aside from the weather, this is happening in orlando. you can see this accident with a couple of cars involved. the crash itself is happening on the eastbound side of i-4 by conroy road. we have emergency vehicles also taking on two travel lanes an extreme amount of caution this morning. back to you. >> still ahead this morning, big news for amusement park fans.
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to learn about an anticipated ride ahead. >> as the race heats up, time to make your voice heard. >> a thunderstorm warning remains in effect for some areas.
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>> good morning. we have a severe weather alert for brevard county this morning. no longer under a tornado warning. that did expire at 5:00 this morning. we still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:45. we have a half hour to go before that expires. again, we are talking about melbourne where you see a line of red. the good news, it is moving quickly out to sea. kennedy space center getting a break after the heaviest rain just moved out. down to the south of you, for satellite beach, even patrick air force base, floridana beach, all likely to see small hail and some strong winds. we are seeing light rain in spots with drizzle in oviedo. most of that pushing to the east.
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weather, in fact, beautiful weather this afternoon. all that in a few minutes. >> we are off to a busy morning when it comes to the weather. troy has been sending out push alerts with our weather app and you can download it for free. just search wkmg in your app store. the florida primary may be a month away. time is running out if you want to cast your vote. if you want to cast your vote, you must be registered as a democrat or republican and this is by today. if you are not or if you are registered as independent, you can only vote on non-partisan issues. remember you must have a valid i.d. with your significant to vote. if you have questions about florida's primary, check with your supervisor of elections. with that push, former florida bush and form president clinton made it a family affair on the
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>> there is no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience and the character to be a great president. >> she will lead us if you will be with her. >> a newly released public policy poll has hillary clinton taking a commanding lead over bernie sanders. while on the republican side, donald trump. >> on maca watch and sea world has a big announcement on the shark themed hypercoaster. maca will be the tallest and fastest coaster, reaching heights of 200 feet. today, we'll find out what the coasta train will look like. the big reveal is at 10:00 a.m. sharp. we'll keep you posted.
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>> we are glad those storms moved out. they are moving quickly. we have a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 for southern brevard county. that is weakening a little bit. let's get you to it and show you what we are pinpointing. you see the radar. it was well developed. started to weaken as it moved further east into eastern brevard county. we are drying out along i-4, still probably some wet spots on the roadways. our major roadways got a lot of rain overnight. the 408, the beachline, i-4. many of those roads, i-75 are going to be wet. let's attack you into where we are pinpointing the heaviest of the rain. kennedy space center under the gun earlier until 5:00 when that tornado warning did expire. that's the good news. this entire region was under that tornado warning for some time. it was reissued. we have two separate warnings on that storm. titusville, meritt island, light to moderate rain, beginning to
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are seeing the rain, there was hail. we are talking about penny sized to quarter sized. there is cocoa beach. cape canaveral, seeing light to moderate rain. the heaviest pushing to the south of that region. south patrick air force base. you have seen the worst of the weather move to the east. melbourne to palm bay, seeing the heavy stuff over you. notice the trend, the deep line. it breaks up a bit along i-95 for palm bay. oviedo drying out. it has pushed out to the east. we take you down to street level. we had indications of hail. june park and melbourne, all these areas in southern sections of brevard county still seeing moderate rain. the worst of it is pushing out to sea.
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thunderstorm warning until 5:45. still 25 minutes to go. i think the weakening trend will continue. this is the tornado watch that will likely expire early. it was set up until 8:00 this morning. now that most of the storms are moving out, we are looking good. only a minimal chance for a couple of showers here and there today as most of that stuff pushing out. 62 in orlando. through the afternoon, here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice today, rain chances only at 10% through 4:00. up to 78. a lot of sunshine. we are out of the woods. we timed it well so that now you have to head off to work, things will be better for your afternoon and evening. the rain and the storms pushing out to sea altogether looking much better as we head into the afternoon and tonight. as we show you the warm spots. even 82 for the high today in southern brevard county. there's the rain, still see some
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we'll stay dry for the next several days. 75 for the high on wednesday. 74 on thursday. the day knowna 500 looking good and dry. amy, those roads are wet. >> yeah, they most certainly are wet. >> we have an accident impacting both directions of i-4. this is by conroy. you can see all the flashing lights. multiple cars involved. the accident is taking out the two left travel lanes on the eastbound side of the roadway. we have two roads blocked with emergency vehicles. this is definitely a good kind of reminder of the extreme caution you need this morning wherever you are heading, take all the time you need to be safe. back over to you. >> right now, 5:22 on your tuesday. a local firefighter is expected to go before a judge today. >> what he is accused of doing.
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>> good morning. a severe weather alert to bring you as we continue to pinpoint strong storms moving through central florida. brevard county has seen the worst of it all morning long. earlier a tornado warning, a thunderstorm warning until 5:45. still about 15 or 20 minutes away from that. you can see heavy rain down to street level for iedian river drive and port mall bar. this is southern brevard county. we did have indications of hail. that has now moved out to sea. still more heavy rain moving into palm bay and now mico. we'll talk about the timing for this stuff to move out altogether and bridgett and david, great news for this afternoon, making outdoor plans,
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>> coming up, adelle is one of music's biggest stars. >> her performance on the grammys didn't go as planned. the awkward moment that is grabbing headlines. a mystery developing in orange county after a mother and daughter are found dead inside a home. we are live at the scene with the latest just ahead. >> this morning storms are making their way through central florida. troy bridges has more on what you can expect when you head out the door.
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>> a severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect for brevard county. all part of a weather system that has brought tornado warnings overnight. now we have a report ooch few power outages along the coast. we have live team coverage. >> a mystery in orange county as a mother and heritaged daughter are found dead inside a home. detectives are working to find out what happened there. >> the search intensifies for a missing boater. we begin in the pinpoint weather center. i'm bridgett ellison ellison. >> troy bridges has been here all night long. we are not done yet.


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